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Everyone is concerned about loading speed of web pages these days due to the need of optimized websites. This is where WP Super Cache plugin offered by WordPress is beneficial. This plugin significantly increases the speed of loading for your web pages via HTML cache files that are stored on your server.

WP Super Cache plugin is static caching for WordPress. The caches files are directly served by Apache and need for heavy scripts of PHP are negated. Use of this plugin will definitely hike your blog’s speed.

How To Install

  1. Start by going to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for: Super Cache. Click the install button.


  2. You can now activate the plugin once it is completely installed


  3. You will not see a red colored box whereby you need to enable the WP Super Cache. Now you need to click Plugin Admin Page.


  4. Tick the Caching On button and further click on “Update Status”


  5. Click the “Advanced” tab on this same screen now

  6. Now select Please select the “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files” and then click option of “Update Status”


  7. The following message appears on your screen


  8. Scrolling down will lead to one yellow box wherein you need to click “Update Mod_Rewrite Rules”


  9. Once this is done, the screen changes color to green and Mod rewrite gets updated


You need to then check whether WP Super Cache is properly installed. This can be done either by checking your website’s source code, or checking your htaccess file. Once this is checked, you will have successfully installed WP Super Cache.

Features of WP Super Cache

  1. The initial complaints associated with WP Cache related to need of hacking to maintain sync with other WordPress plugins has been negated with WP Super Cache which is quite simple to install

  2. Works excellent with WP MU. Cache files of every blog can be identified easily to enhance performance.

  3. Option of automatically disabling the gzip compression without need of dying

  4. CDN can be used along with caching system

  5. Mobile support for caching tablets and other mobile devices

  6. Significantly compresses pages for reducing loading time of web pages

  7. Option of cache rebuild for enabling cached page display; even on new creation of cached pages

  8. Multiple types of caching supported

Hope this serves your purpose for setting up WP Super Cache. Once this is successfully implemented, there will be a significant rise in speed of your WordPress site. If you still need information, you can visit the official page for this plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/.

We hope this article helped you setup WP Super Cache plugin successfully on your WordPress website. Once you completely implement the plugin, your site should be considerably faster than before. If you’ve got any queries then feel free to ask us.

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