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The goal of WordPress SEO is to develop a fully SEO friendly and customized website that can achieve remarkable ranking on any search engine result page (SERP). Joost de Valk, and his team who created this plug-in, took all SEO guidelines into consideration, as well as the technical optimization that focuses on the keywords and to generate maximum exposure for the targeted keyword.

How to Install

  1. Start by going to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for: WordPress SEO by Yoast. Click the install button.


  2. Activate the WordPress SEO plug-in through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  3. Configure the plug-in by going to the SEO menu that appears in your admin menu.


  4. Now, if you are using any existing SEO plugins like all in one SEO, Old all in one SEO, headspace 2 or using any other plugins by Yoast like RSS footer, Robots Meta or Yoast breadcrumbs, you should start by importing settings to this plug-in. Once you have installed and activated WordPress SEO by Yoast, go to SEO> Import & export under left panel and select the plug-in from which you would like to import your settings. I suggest taking a back up of your database and then using option which says” Delete the old data after import?”


  5. Most of the same settings as in the SEO Settings horizontal menu are also stacked in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar under ‘SEO’ are:


  6. The Dashboard has a good introduction to the plug-in via the “Start Tour” button.

  7. Tracking – I do not see any harm on leaving this on, as it will help the developer with research and development.

  8. Disable the Advanced part of the WordPress SEO Meta box under Security – these needs to be unchecked – the only reason you may disable it would be if you control the site and have third party authors and are worried about them making bad decisions with the advanced pane of the Local SEO Box.

  9. Webmaster Tools – as if it says leave either if already verified with these search engines or enter your sites details.

Snippet Preview

The plug-in also helps to create a better content for SEO. The snippet preview offered enables the user to see that how the title will look in the search results and it shows if the tile if too long or short. The Meta description is relevant to the search terms, generating organic results.


Page Analysis

The page analysis offered by the plug-in focuses on the minor details that are usually go unnoticed. The plug-in runs a check on the images, if they are relevant or not. If the images have alt tag that contain he keyword or not. The length of the post, the Meta description and it also offers the description of all categories, customs tags and taxonomy enhancing the pages.


XML Sitemap

WordPress SEO is one of their best plug-in in the category. It also helps you double-check that the permalinks re enabled or not and it optimizes the Meta tags and other link elements. The XML sitemap functionality offered by the plug-in is state of the art. By checking the XML box, it automatically notifies the entire search engine about the existence of the sitemap and it includes all the images and pages. This sitemaps works on all size of websites and you get rid of the sitemaps that you do not need.


RSS Feed And Social Media Support

Add link to your RSS feed that navigated back to the original article; this leaves the breadcrumbs for the search engine to find the real article’s location. Therefore, this plug-in also increases the chances of you being ranked on your chosen keywords.

The plug-in also comes fully integrated with social media support and it is multi site compatible. The setting can also be copied for other blogs and default setting can be implemented.

Import-Export Functionality

The import and export functionality of the plug-in is also very remarkable. The setting for one blog is a doable task but what if you have multiple blogs. So, all you have to do is set the plug-in once and for all. In addition, for any new blog, just import the settings and you are good to go. In the past if you have used this One SEO pack plug-in and what to import the entire tile and description, the in build import functionality can do it for you.


The other prospect of the WordPress plug-in is to make it available in many languages. The target is at least 24 languages for now. The French and Dutch are completed, but if you are good with translation, you can also join the team at translate.yoast.com.

It is a great plug-in to have and the results are white exquisite. To configure the plug-in in way that it generates positive results is very important, wrong configuration can result in negative effects as well.

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