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Are you someone who leaves his/her WordPress websites unsecured and unprotected? If you are with a notion that because there are a million websites on the internet, a hacker is not going to find your WordPress website, then you are in serious trouble. From among many plugins, Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress is an excellent and probably the only security plugin which is completely integrated in order to avoid security and caching issues.

Wordfence Security plugin not just looks for viruses, torjans and malwares, but also repairs other plugins and themes. In fact it keeps on updating you about changes made in the infected files. Read along this blog and get known to many of the amazing features of this WordPress plugin that offers a faster security scan on your web server.

How To Install

WordPress is home to some of the most functional and popular plugins that are free and easy to install. The Wordfence Security Plugin is nothing different; you can with ease install it all by yourself. Simply follow these quick steps and within no time you can start taking advantage of its features.

  1. Start by going to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for: Wordfence Security. Click the install button.


  2. After having installed the plugin choose ‘Activate’ option and begin using Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress- the security plugin which not just secures your website, but also increases the speed.
  3. If you have downloaded the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress to your laptop or desktop in the form of Zip Archive then, you need to follow few steps for the installation process.
  4. First of all visit the WP Admin Panel. Click on Upload and as you can see in the above image choose the downloaded zip folder from your desktop and upload it.
  5. Click ‘Install Now’ and then you can activate the plugin, click on ‘Activate Plugin’.

This video link is a great guide to know the easier way to install Wordfence security plugin for WordPress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8nPWPq1YXA

Wordfence Security Features

  1. Wordfence Security plugin for WordPress is now activated. Wordfence Security plugin is unique; it is the only fully integrated plugin that helps in securing your website and avoids all kind of caching issues.


  2. After having activated the plugin it will do a security scan on all files in your WordPress website which majorly includes blogs.dir directory of individual websites.
  3. The best thing about Wordfence security plugin is all the security scans happened on your web server thus utilizing very less amount of bandwidth.
  4. Unlike other programs Wordfence Security plugin for WordPress offers the unique feature of cell-phone sign-in.
  5. Moreover, during the process of scan check this plugin includes all files, comments and posts for various URLs.
  6. In fact you can enter your email address to the Wordfence Security options page and receive email security alerts regularly.

With this do-it-yourself easy installation process you can secure your website. Install this unique and very helpful WordPress Plugin. Scan your website with Wordfence everyday to keep off anything malicious that could harm your website.

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