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Are you looking around for the right contact form for your website or for your site’s visitors? If yes, you have come to the right page. Contact Form 7 (CF7), which is widely acknowledged as the best contact form WordPress plugin, is worth considering. The plugin is extremely easy to use and flexible to your specific business needs.

There won’t be hype if I say that Contact Form 7 will go beyond your expectations in terms of performance and integration. Without adding further ado, let’s dive deeper into Contact Form 7 – a completely customizable WordPress plugin that is simple to use for you and your site’s visitors.

How to Install

There are 2 ways you can go installing this WordPress contact form plugin.

  1. Use the ‘Plugin Search’ feature from the WP Admin Panel


    • Login to your WP admin account and find the ‘Plugins’ option on the WP dashboard
    • In the sub-menu of plugins, you will find ‘Add New and Search for ‘Contact Form 7 Integrations’. Select this option.
    • Click ‘install’ and later on ‘activate’
  2. Upload the downloaded zip file of the plugin in WP Admin


    • Open this link – and download the latest version of Contact Form 7 plugin
    • Upload the whole folder named ‘contact-form-7 ‘ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/ directory’.
    • Go to WP admin -> plugins, and activate the CF7 plugin

Once installed successfully, you will find ‘Contact’ in menu of WP admin panel as shown in the image below.


You can also check out this video link to see how to install and activate CF7 in WordPress. Visit

CF7 Features

  1. The Contact Form 7, is unquestionably the most dynamic and robust form plugin made available by the WordPress community. And the great news is that, it is free, open-source form plugin. So, you can integrate it or replace it with the existing contact form of your website for FREE!
  2. Once installed and activated, CF7 allows you to create a form and integrate into your WordPress website in line with your business needs.
  3. Using CF7, you can manage multiple contact forms and can customize them quite easily and quickly using HTML.
  4. This WP form plugin also feature Ajax submission, Akismet spam filtering and CAPTCHA; this will save you from spam messages.
  5. User-friendly interface that facilitates quick changes
  6. It has useful docs and support to address your questions and concerns regarding the plugin’s application.
  7. One can edit mail templates easily and the readability of incoming emails are considerably more improved.
  8. The form supports more than 40 languages. Check out its website and see if it supports your native language or not.
  9. One can set rights such that only admin person can make the needed changes in form’s fields ensuring the next level of security.

The CF7 has been downloaded for more than 8.4 million times all across the world and the number is increasing fast making it one of the most popular free form WP plugins. And the features shared above are just a tip of the iceberg.

Want to dig further, visit on the official site of the plugin.

So, when are you installing CF7? Or you have something to share for CF7?

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