A blog or a website is appreciated not just by what information or service it provides, but the appearance and the look matters equally. Do you know what makes WordPress the most popular and favourite website? The fact that it offers a free version is the most important thing which makes WordPress so popular among bloggers and many ecommerce and other website owners.

Other than ample number of useful and functional plugins, WordPress also offers a variety of theme to make your blog, website or ecart look fantastic. Developers go a step ahead in creating some of the finest, easiest and most fun free WordPress themes. Martable WordPress Theme is an amazing way to give an elegant yet eye-catching layout to your blog to make it more attractive for the visitor. Here in this blog I have tried to make the installation process of this theme easy in few steps, read along to know more.

How To Install

  1. In order to begin with the installation process first of all you need to login to your WordPress ‘Admin Panel’. You will now see your dashboard with several features on the left hand side.


  2. As shown in the screen image above, you will find an option called ‘Appearance’ on the WP dashboard.
  3. Click on the Appearance option. You can now see various sub-menus appearing on the screen. The first one as shown in the image above among the sub-menus is ‘Themes’ click on it.
  4. You will now see a window with various themes that are available for free. Scroll down to find Martable WordPress Theme and choose the option ‘Install Now’.


  5. After having installed the theme choose ‘Activate’ option. Now you can have your blogs and website look amazing and attractive.


  6. Open this link to find a window just like the one shown in the image above.
  7. If you have downloaded the Martable WordPress Theme your laptop or desktop in the form of Zip Archive then, you need to follow few steps to make the installation process get going.


  8. Begin with visiting the WP Admin Panel. Click on the option that says Upload. Now as it appears to you in the image above choose the downloaded zip folder from your desktop or laptop and upload it.
  9. Click ‘Install Now’ and then you can activate the theme, click on ‘Activate Theme’ and you will be able to make your website or blog look just perfect when viewed through any device.

Moreover, if you find any difficulty in remembering all these steps, you can have a better understanding of the entire installation process by have a look at this video which guides you through a simpler way to install Martable WordPress Theme

Martable WordPress Theme Features

  1. The Martable WordPress Theme has a simple and easy-to-merge design and a fantastic layout that helps the visitors, users and customers focus on the important aspects of your blog or website.
  2. This theme majorly includes a logo area where you can install the logo of your website or company. There are other features too like a description panel, a menu and a image panel that has description.
  3. In fact the latest version of Martable WordPress Theme also some amazing options like shop with widgets, images with prices and buttons.
  4. Martable WordPress Theme is basically black, followed by a gray header, flexible images and description layout.
  5. With this remarkable WordPress Theme you can easily modify its CSS, HTML is the way you want it to be.

Created by Nifty Themes, the Martable WordPress Theme is free to download and is fun way to make your blogs and website more interesting and generates more traffic. So the next time you think of an incredible look of your blog make sure you download the Martable WordPress Theme.

Download the theme

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