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  1. The plug-in iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) offers more than 30 ways to protect and secure the developed WordPress Site. The plug-ins of WordPress is vulnerable, they are prone towards hacking, and in fact, thousands of websites are hacked every day, due to weak passwords and obsolete software’s.
  2. The prime step is to make the admin aware about how prone they are towards hacking. In many cases the admin are not aware of the situation making the exposed towards such hacking. IThemes Security fixes the common problems, loop holes and make a stronger site. The features are activated with a single click and iThemes is just the right tool to do the job.

How to Install

  1. Start by going to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for iThemes Security. Click the install button.install_itheme-pluginsecure_site
  2. Once activated, the security guides you towards the initial steps.important_steps_ithemes_security
  3. Just one click to enable the features.security_features_ithemes_security
  4. Scan the site, look for loopholes, and prioritize them with low, medium and high priority.admin_user_ithemes_security
  5. The settings option is very salient and easy to use.dashboard_ithemes_security

The Features Of iThemes Security:-

Maintained and Supported by iThemes

  1. Integrated since 2008, iThemes have been creating and supporting WordPress all this years. The range of plug-ins and themes offered makes the developers enable to create a highly integrated WordPress Website.

Pro Features

  1. Track the user activities like when they edit content or the timings of their login and logout.
  2. For more secure access, the Google Authenticator sends a unique code every time you try to log in.
  3. The malware scanning feature checks the entire URL and other feels that the user browses through for any threat.
  4. The password expiration features enables the users to create a new password every time for security reasons if needed and you can also set a password age. After certain time the user has to change the password. Also, create complex password right from the profile screen.
  5. The dashboard enables the admin to keep an eye on banned users and scan for system right from the dashboard itself.

IThemes Sync Integration

  1. It enables to maintain more than one site with the plug-in. Manage the malware detection, away mode, release lockouts and use a superb looking WordPress site.

New! IThemes Brute Force Protection Network

  1. Network Brute Force Protection takes brute force protection to the next level by further banning users who have tried to break into other sites from breaking into yours.


  1. The job of iThemes is to keep the users and visitors in check. It makes sure that the visitors do not learn intimate details of site like admin panel or login or anything else. They keep the sensitive area of site in check.
  2. The URL is for login, admin and others are changes also turning off the chance to login while on away mode.
  3. The Meta generator tag is removed so are the theme and other core update notifications from the restricted users. It also removes windows live write header information.
  4. It removes, RSD information, renames the admin account and changes the ID of the users.
  5. It also changes the database table prefix along with wp-content path and removes all login error messages.
  6. It also displays different and random version numbers to all non-admin users.


  1. To hide the site is a good option but it does not completely protect it from all sensitive areas. The iThemes security makes sure to block bad users and protect other passwords and vital information.
  2. Once the site is completely scanned, it displays the vulnerabilities and fixes them at priority basis.
  3. It also bans bots and agents that are not relevant. Also, banning the hosts and users who have failed too many login attempts.
  4. Strengthens server security as it uses strong passwords for all accounts.
  5. Forces SSL for admin pages and for any page or post
  6. No file can be edited form the admin area and it also detects and other block and prevents it on files and database.

Detect and Recover

  1. The iThemes regularly monitors the site for any change in the file system and works to detect the bots that search for vulnerabilities in your site. It also creates regular backups of the database enabling the users to come online in case of any attack or breakdown.
  2. It detects any external bots attempting to search for any vulnerability in the site and it keeps an eye for unauthorized changes in the file system.
  3. It sends admin an email notification if users attempt too many-failed login.


  1. Works on multi-site, single site, Apache, Nightspeed or NGINX.

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