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Editors are usually seen using post editing and page interfaces quite often in comparison to regular administrators. For such editors, Floating Publish Button is the best option provided by WordPress. This plugin is extremely useful as the users will not need scrolling up the page every time they intend to publish or save things. The need for updating posts is often a necessity with editors and scrolling can consume lot of time. Floating Publish Button negates this unnecessary scrolling. This is especially beneficial when the posts are quite long.

However, what about those who don’t like annoying boxes popping up? Well, the option of Floating Publish Button can be easily turned off from the backend. So that solves the issue.

How To Install

There are two methods of installing Floating Publish Button plugin.

  1. The first method is to upload the folder titled floating-publish-button to your directory (/wp-content/plugins). You need to then activate this plugin via “Plugins” menu from WordPress.
  2. The second method is, Start by going to WP-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for: Floating Publish Button. Click the install button.


Once you have successfully installed the Floating Publish Button, you can now use it to find its benefits and features as mentioned below.

Features of Floating Publish Button

  1. Saves ample time while editing pages
  2. Annoyance due to scrolling is negated
  3. Efficient, clean and simple plugin
  4. Media pop-up problems fixed

The Floating Publish Button is extremely beneficial and though it is yet to find significant downloads, popularity is picking up. The immense benefits and features as mentioned above are sure the catch the fancy of many. Especially people from the editing and media domains will be immensely benefited with its use.

So take some time to download this plugin by visiting the official page at https://wordpress.org/plugins/floating-publish-button/.

Download the plugin

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