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After spending 10 years building websites and e-commerce sites from scratch, our team learned what really works online.

The Concept

We know what it takes to make sites that perform well and that Google can find easily. Over the years we’ve seen large businesses burn large budgets in their websites to get great results, but unfortunately we seen even more small and medium business fail to recover their investments.

Many of them would allocate their budget into flashy design and advance coding, and leave almost no budget for the most important part of being online. Highlighting their unique selling proposition and optimising their site for conversions.

Sajtler Battleships websites are built for businesses to focus on their online strategy and lead generation. We provide you with a platform with responsive design that makes sure your site look awesome on every device. We also manage the hosting and maintenance of the site for you.

Sajtler Battleships do not require a large initial investment so you can recover your investment in less time than you would with most web agencies. With us you get production, hosting and maintenance of your site for the same monthly cost you would have with other web agencies for only the maintenance.

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